Saturday, September 19, 2009

La Vie Boneheme...hee hee

Sunday morning we got up and headed to Kutna Hora-Sedlec Ossuary. It is a small chapel beneath the Church of All Saints. The Ossuary is known as the Bone Church. The short version is that an abbot returned from the Holy Land with dirt from Golgotha which was sprinkled in the cemetery. People heard this and wanted to be bured in this holy spot. Many years and deaths later (the Plague, wars, etc), new construction led to the bones being exhumed. In 1870 FrantiĊĦek Rint was given the job to organize the bones. The Bone Church is the result of these 40,000-70,000 bones. This was at the top of David's list of places he wanted to visit in Europe. I read an article in which an employee was interviewed about the church. She was asked if she was scared working there and she said no, it's the people who are alive that you have to worry about. LOL Amen, sister. ;)

We drove the hour and half scenic route to Kutna Hora-Sedlec from Prague. Crazy GPS.

We returned to Prague and Old Town Square to grab some lunch. There were a bunch of vendors set up and we took advantage of the convenience and price. We had
langos and shisk k bob on roll. The langos had a ketchup based sauce topped w/ cheese. The dough is fried. You just can't go wrong with fried dough.

We then located the Golem (a character in Jewish folklore). "The most famous golem narrative involves Judah Loew ben Bezalel the late 16th century chief rabbi of Prague."

And, yes, I did purchase some Bohemian crystal.

It was a great trip. I really enjoyed Prague.

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TaraMetBlog said...

that is really creepy, lol, but the town square looks cute :)