Tuesday, September 8, 2009

La Vie Boheme!

With the hubby gone, I've been a little nervous about traveling by ourselves. I wanted to go somewhere over the long weekend, but was on the verge of chickening out. Until my friend Samantha emailed and asked if anyone wanted to do anything. So, I said "how about Prague?" At the last minute I made hotel reservations and mapped our way before I had a chance to back out. Should I even say that there was an adventure? Or is that a given? ;)

The directions said 5:15 hours to get there. We left at 3:15pm when we picked up the boys from school. We rolled into the hotel at about 11pm. The weather was awful. It was raining so hard that people were going 50 mph on the autobahn. There was construction in Prague. It was just a pain. I was so happy to get to that hotel...I can't even tell you.

Saturday morning we booked a tour to see all of Prague. It started in Wenceslas Square. St. Wenceslas is the patron saint of Bohemia which is the region of the Czech Republic that Prague is in. Wenceslas Square is the area of the city where people gather for important events. The Nazis demonstrated there. The Soviet Army rolled in in 1968. The Czech people protested here. And the people gathered there at the end of the Communist rule.

From there we saw the Estates Theater where Mozart performed. He premiered his opera Don Giovanni here.

We then (I think?) headed into Old Town Square.

Church of Our Lady Before Tyn

Astronomical Clock

We then headed to the Vltava River for our boat cruise.

Famous Charles Bridge in the background

After our cruise we headed to the Jewish section of Prague, Josefov.

Jewish Cemetery. The headstones are just the top layer. The graves are actually buried to the street level.

Okay, I'll be back. Such a packed day. I'll be back for lunch and the rest of the day.

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