Sunday, September 27, 2009

Knee update...

For my family and friends, I finally had my MRI a few weeks ago. The results? Well, probably it is an osteochondral injury. If that made you think of arthritis then you get a prize. Okay, not really, but you're right on track. ;) See the tiny bit of shading on the right tip of the femur? The cartilage below it? That's what's causing all of my problems.

It could not be. The only definite way to find out is for the doc to scope my knee, which is the next step in this ongoing process. So, when I wake up, I'll know. If it is the osteochondral injury (and I wake up w/ the doc having done the microfracture procedure) then I've been advised by a couple different orthopedic surgeons that it's in the best interest of my long-term knee health to quit running. *sigh* So, I know what the best and worst-case scenarios are. I'm expecting worst, but hoping for the best. I haven't run since early June (I so miss running outside). I've been going to the gym to bike, use the elliptical or swim (getting into a swimming suit is pure torturous hell for me, just so ya know). I'm getting used to my new routine. And, it's all good. Not what I want, but I've accepted...zen, baby. :)

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