Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 5.5, Tuscan Dinner, lots of video! :)

I left off yesterday when we got on the bus to ride from Rome to Florence. One place that we passed by that was so cool looking was the town Orte. EU Italy Orte

But it wasn't on our tour, so we kept heading to our hotel which was 15 k outside of Florence, Park Hotel Chianti. Since we arrived in the early evening we had one destination for the night and that was dinner. It was well worth the extra money! I'm still don't know the name of the restaurant that we went to. I wish I did, so I could recommend it! When we walked into the restaurant we were first given Fragolino, a sparkling aka fizzy strawberry wine. YUM-MY!! There was music playing and the whole mood of our whole group seemed to change...everyone seemed happier. :)

Here's a pic of our group:

We started w/ appetizers...a vast array of mostly fresh veggies prepared in different ways. As well as the customary bread:

As the food started coming out we were serenaded by our own opera singer! His name is Roberto and he used to sing opera, he's a tenor. He was awesome!

Our next course was a ravioli (i think it was spinach, but I can't quite remember) and a penne pasta w/ fresh ground meat. The restaurant was great b/c they did bring out pasta for Charlie w/ no meat.

Here's what we did in b/w courses. Charlie started it when he "learned" on another night while in Italy.

Our main course was prime rib. Now, I'm not a big red meat fan. I do eat ground meat about once a week, but as far as steak, etc...not so much. But the prime rib was fab.u.lous! Here it is coming out...presentation is almost everything. ;)

A couple of random pics:

I have 2 more videos but I'll put them in the next entry b/c I think I'm at my video limit. I'm not sure b/c I'm being given some message in German. ?!?!

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