Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 4.5, Sorrento

When we left Pompeii we drove along the beautiful Amalfi coast (one of 1000 places to see before you die toward Sorrento. Gorgeous. The town overlooks the Bay of Naples. What I found most interesting was how many canyons/gorges the towns were built around and over. Historically it was protected by these gorges.

We first went to lunch which, unfortunately once again, was not overly impressive. Maybe it was b/c we were having group lunches? Anyway, we walked around the town after lunch. Charlie in front of a gorge with the Bay of Naples in background

Sorrento is famous for its oranges and lemons....the trees are ev.e.ry.where. Here they are lining the street in the center of town

And speaking of lemons, first shopping stop was at the limoncello store. Sorrento is known for its production of limoncello which is a lemon liquer. Our tour guide had set up for us to go to a certain store and they supplied free shots of limoncello and free samples of lemoncello candies. The shots are strong, but oh so yummy! I had a shot. Okay, so I had 3, so what, don't judge. ;) I did walk out w/ a small bottle and a bag of candy.

We loaded back up on the bus and went to an inlaid wood factory. We got a short explanation on how the furniture/works are made. The pieces were beautiful but very expensive. I really liked an end table, but it was 650E and just too expensive for my blood. I did pick up a picture frame b/c the actual wood pieces I wanted they didn't have enough (I wanted 3 pieces that could hang together/coordinate, but there was only 1 of that type). Here are some examples of the work:

We really enjoyed Sorrento and I would love to go back. It's a beautiful town and I would love to explore it more. Maybe by then I can get that end table.

Tomorrow is the tour of the Vatican!

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Michelle said...

Sorrento is GORGEOUS. I love that first picture. :)

The church in the 7th picture (after the orange tree) looks like a lot of the churches in Macau. Most of the churches there are that exact shade of yellow. LOL