Friday, November 7, 2008

The vicious cycle is broken...

Uh, and I don't mean by with the election. For those that care or have asked, I was not on board completely with either candidates, I fundamentally disagreed w/ Obama and McCain on many issues. Personally, I think we needed a more moderate middle of the road candidate so that both political parties will have to compromise and reach the majority of society. I will say that if by voting in Obama means that the way will be easier for America in this world then I'll hope and be glad for the good things to come.

However, my vicious cycle broken was my 2 days/week of running. This week I ran 3 days!! Woot!

Also, I'm getting used to the weather. When I heard this morning that today was going to be a high of 50-something degrees, I actually thought, Oh it will be a nice day! :)

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