Saturday, November 15, 2008

Skiiing in France and running update.

Last Tuesday, Cory and the boys went skiing at an indoor place in France...only about an hour and a half from us. I stayed home w/ the dog. I did find a dog walker in the neighborhood for future day trips, but I digress...

The boys went with co-workers of Cory's and had a great time. D and Ch tried snowboarding first. They've been eagerly looking forward to it. They're not eager to try it again. LOL It's much harder than it looks. D became plum disgusted and spent his his 2nd hour playing on one of bobsleds. Ch decided he was going to ski. He skiied (sp?) the bunny slope about 10X and then took it upon himself to ski the big hill. Cory kept waiting for him and ended up sending one of his co-workers to look for Ch. About that time, Ch came skiing down the hill. He only fell twice, got right back up and kept on going. But that's Ch for you! He's stubborn!!

In running news, I tried out my Brooks running pants. The weather was in the 30's and the pants were too hot. Those will have to be for colder days. My legs were sweating. In crappy running news, I have tendonitis in the top of my right foot. Self-diagnosed of course. ;) I'm staying off my foot and taking advil twice a day. I love to run to my ipod and haven't since the summer b/c my other mp3 player got fried when I didn't use the charging cord that it came with. I tried just a generic cable and the music was weird. Anyway, I bought a new ipod and now have 5 hours of music downloaded and I have to wait a few more days to use it. Damn.


april said...

That's so cool! I will say it is easier to learn skiing first than snowboarding. It helps in balance and things. However, your kids skateboard so snowboarding should come relatively easy. My cousin skateboards and picked up snowboarding in about 2 days. I've skied since I was 6. I can't say I'm good, but I'm good enough. My dad and sister snowboard and my mom can do both but she's mainly a skier. My dad actually teaches but only people who not family. :)

Hope the foot is healing well!

I need a new iPod. Ugh. Mine works but the battery doesn't so I can only listen if it's plugged in which is fine while I'm at work but not fine if I'm not at work. I'm hoping to get a new one by the time I go away on vacation with the inlaws next summer. :)

Well, whether or not the kids liked the trip, they look very cool in the photos.

TaraMetBlog said...

This blow my mind! I'm skiing next week in CO but outdoors. I hear they have an indoor ski thing in Dubai too.