Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trier, Germany-old post from Sept 3

This was from before I started my blog.

On Saturday, we went to Trier, Germany, the oldest city in Germany. It is only an hour away and Cory and David have been very eager to go there since hearing about the Roman baths and amphitheater there.

The first place we went was Porta Nigra, one of the Roman built gates that was part of the city wall that was built b/w 180-200 AD. This is the northern gate that is left standing. We walked through as well as went to the museum which is connected.



Next we had lunch. We sat next to a table of people from Holland who were on a bike tour. they were very interested in Charlie's Heelys. Apparently there are no Heelys in Germany and he got lots of looks the whole day. LOL


Then headed to the Market Square.

St Peter Fountain


Looking at St Peter Fountain


Red House w/ inscription that states that Trier is 1300 years older than Rome


Cathedral Cathedral

Constantine Basilica Constantine Basilicia

Electoral Palace


Imperial Roman Bath built 1600 years ago and never used. Typical government project. LOL Not a drop of water flowed there. We had fun times in the tunnels! LOL





We had a great day, but didn't get to see everything. We plan on going back another time and going on a tour. We also didn't get to see the Roman amphitheatre.

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