Sunday, March 1, 2009


I still have not blogged/journaled about our trip, so I decided to get busy.

Heavy pic spam!!

We stayed at a hotel 30 min outside of Paris right next to Paris Disneyland. I had no idea of which hotel to stay at in Paris. And, so many people freaked me out about driving in Paris, as well as trying to find a hotel w/ parking garages that also were big enough for my van. So, I picked the Disneyland Hotel b/c it was right on the trainline. Which we had to learn how to use. :) We bought our tix, the French guy was totally not in the mood to be helpful to us ignorant Americans. LMAO But we managed to find our way to the train.

When we got off the train a bathroom was needed. We got a kick out of the bathrooms...there are no big bathrooms. Literally you open the door right along the halls/corridors and the toilet is right there. Like a port o' potty in the wall. LOL

When we got off the train we walked up the stairs to the street and there was the Arc de Triomphe. It was built in honor of Napoleon's victory at Austerlitz in 1806. It was completed in 1836, just in time for Napoleon's body to be carried through in 1840. It is also here that The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of WWI was placed. The Tomb has an eternal flame which inspired Jacqueline Kennedy to place one at Pres Kennedy's gravesite.

Around the Arc de Triomphe is the world's most famous traffic circle. Since it's near to impossible to cross that to get to the Arc, there is a pedestrian tunnel.

Here is a pic of the traffic. There are NO marked lanes, seriously. But people seem to know what to do. LOL

Cory and the boys went up into the Arc. Here's the Eiffel Tower. We're going to keep going w/ the hazy days know where we can't see the top of the monuments. Remember Pisa?? LOL

We then began walking towards the Eiffel Tower. I must have looked confused w/ the map while standing on the corner b/c a very nice French gentleman stopped and helped me. We only had one rude French person and that was the guy in the train station. Anyway, we had to cross the Seine.

We got to the Eiffel Tower. We decided to go up, but b/c of the weather we couldn't go to the top.

We then headed to the Rodin Museum. Along our way we saw a small tour group and I took a pic of them just for Jeanie!

David picked out the Rodin Museum as a stop.

We then headed toward our next stop, Notre Dame.

We stopped along the way for coffee and dessert. Mmmmm! 6 drinks + 4 desserts = 50Euros!

Along the way, we came upon this huge statue of St Michael. Cory was excited b/c St Michael is the patron saint of army paratroopers.

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I wondered what you have been up to, now i know. Fun!
Kim B