Monday, March 2, 2009

Paris, Notre Dame, Louvre

So, we left off at St Michael.

Very near to St Michael, basically across the river, is Notre Dame.

After going to St Peter's in Rome, we thought we had seen the pinnacle of Catholic Churches. Right? Well, we all LOVED Notre Dame. I know that I much prefer Gothic architecture.

Notre Dame of Paris - the North rose window

Notre Dame of Paris - nave

the nave of Notre-Dame, Paris

We spent the next 45 minutes trying to figure out how to get back to the hotel by train. It was much easier than we thought. LOL But now we feel like experts on the trains. Okay, so not experts but we can get where we need to go. LOL

The next morning we headed back to Paris for The Louvre. We hit the highlights. David wants to explore more, so I told him that we'd go back another time. I do want to go to Versailles.

Much of the people depicted in the art, particularly the statues, are very androgynous. So, Charlie said, "you can tell which are men b/c they have the wankers." LOL (I can't remember if he actually said wankers, but it was some penis slang LOL)

The Slave by Michelangelo

Venus de Milo

Winged Victory

Mona Lisa

Charlie had a little notebook and he walked around taking notes.

After an outrageously expensive lunch in the Louvre cafeteria, we walked toward the gardens, "jardins." During the spring I'm sure it's beautiful, but not so much in February. :) But David wanted to walk down to where an obelisk is, that marks where the guillotine used to be. Yes, same one where Marie Antoinette met her fate.

We then headed back toward the train station. Along the way we did a little shopping in the little touristy shops. We also had a crepe, nutella and bananas. Sooo good!

Au revoir, Paris!

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april said...

Aw, it reminds me of Paris. I went in the summer though. It is very pretty in the summer. :) Boat rides and the little mini Statue of Liberty. Nice and Cannes. Inappropriate naked people. Fun times. Thanks for sharing the photos! I don't feel like I took enough photos when I went. It looks like you guys are which is great. I think we only took the train going to Disney and back. Because the trip was essentially free, we cabbed it everywhere. :)