Monday, September 22, 2008

How Bazaar, How Bazaar

I've been waiting for months for the Ramstein Welfare Bazaar! It's a shopping bazaar with 2 airplane hangars of vendors from all over Europe. The bazaar has been at Ramstein Air Force Base since 1965 only having been cancelled in 2001 (the terrorist attacks on the US, of course). I've been thinking that I would shop 'til I dropped.

*sigh* I wasn't all that impressed. About half the vendors I see at the local PXs. And the rest of the vendors had beautiful items, but were things that I'd like to buy when I travel. For example, I loved all the Polish and Italian pottery, but I plan on going to Poland and to Italy and would love to buy some pottery there.

I did end up buying 3 items...all are kind of kitschy, but cute. :)




I went w/ 2 of my neighbors/friends. Of course we enjoyed the food. The Filipino/American association had a booth. We had adobo chicken, lumpia and pancit (noodles). It was delicious. My friend Ann is from Hawaii and Japanese/American. For her it was comfort food. We topped it off w/ funnel cake.

That night Cory, Charlie and I went out to dinner w/ my neighbor Jen and her son. We went to a local restaurant owned by an Italian. Last time we were there I noticed a pizza called the "Sophia Loren." I had to try it! It has mushrooms, ham and 2 eggs, sunny-side up. It was really good, more like a breakfast pizza.


In other news, in case you don't know, I suffer from a sickness. It's called "New Bedding Fever." I buy a new bedding set almost every year. I bought one in the spring before we moved. I really liked it, a lot. Well, now I found one on Target that I want. I'm trying to at least hold out until the spring so I can say that I had my current bedding for year. I'm sick. ;)

In running news, I've started my 4th week of running since the boys are back in school. I've only been running 2X/wk b/c my knee still does hurt. But now that I'm getting used to the hills here (and I've ordered some cold weather running gear) I'm going to try and run 3X/wk. I am walking w/ my neighbor/friend Jen on alternate days. Today I only ran for 30 min, but ran for an hour last Friday. I'm getting my stamina back and only curse a little bit when I run the hills. ;) But I'm actually doing pretty well consider I didn't run mid-June to move threw a wrench into, well, everything.

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