Sunday, June 21, 2009

Prezzies. :)

I have a wonderful husband! Besides all the obvious reasons that I love him, he sends me presents from wherever he goes. (yes, I got stuff from Iraq and some other places)

Russian nesting dolls from one of the 'stans(formerly of the USSR). I can't rmember which one he went through on the way to his final destination. LOL

My new slippers from a different 'stan. These were actually a gag gift for Cory from one of the other guys. But the slippers didn't fit him, so he sent them to me. I'm a lucky, lucky girl. ;) They're actually comfortable and I've been wearing them. LOL I know they look like they're on the wrong feet, but when I switch them, they look the exact same. LOL

Oil paintings from Afghanistan...aren't they beautiful?

I also got a coffee mug w/ his base name on it. I'm not posting that one. But I love it.

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april said...

I love nesting dolls. My first set at 5 were from Russia. I also have a bunch that are cheap replicas. My latest was from Alaska. I heard the industry is slowly dying which makes me sad. Your set is beautiful.

I um got a centerpiece from some fancy schmancy dinner the boy went to last year. I like to think it's the thought that counts. :)